Sovran – privacy and security embedded in your system

Individual encryption for network wide security.

Sovran – privacy and security embedded in your system

Cryptography works only if it is well implemented and people are using it.

Our focus is on making cryptography more usable and accessible. The Sovran crypto service handles access control and encryption of consumers’ personal identifiable information. Maintenance, training, and security of active directories is expensive. With current solutions your organization has to fully trust the third party and internal system administrators. Any change in IT architecture is a headache for compliance and security. Sovran handles these issues with the technology that protects your data not only at rest, in transit, but also at the access control level.

As an API that does not require the data owner to trust the, Sovran does not store any data, nor has visibility of the processed data. Think about encryption that simply works.  Minimize the risk of data breaches from millions of records to one single record with Sovran.

Storing personal data of your users is a liability for compliance and security. Use data you need instantaneously without changing business processes. Build trust with your consumer using Sovran.