SylLab API – Encryption-as-a-Service

Protect Sensitive Data

Effortlessly Integrate Encryption

AES 256 Encryption

Clear Audit Trail

Compliance Out-of-the-box:

HIPAA (BAA available), GDPR, CCPA

Secure and store passwords, sensitive files,  credentials, certificates, tokens with the SylLab API.


Granular Encryption For Network Wide Security

Dynamic architectures require dynamic security controls. Take back control over your network security. 

Blanket Encryption

Blanket Security Infrastructure
Current Approach:

Out of control
Security Disorder/Disorganized security management
Single point of failure

Granular Encryption

Granular Security Infrastructure
SylLab Approach

 Security Control
 Clear audit trail
Granular Access Delegation

API driven

Easily implement high-grade encryption, provide services with embedded security.

Secured with AES 256 encryption.

All files and data objects are encrypted individually.

Clear audit table with extensive logs. 

Data access visualization,

Integrated data storage; the custom solution  enables integrating  the

API with a data storage of your choice.

Data encryption

Usable and effortless encryption integration for network-wide security. Each password, file, token is encrypted individually with SylLab API….

Full visibility and audit trail of each particular item secured with SylLab API whether is a file, password, token, etc. Insight on among others access, usage, location…..


HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA compliance embedded in your product. Protect identifiable information and comply with privacy regulations with SylLab API….