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SylLab Systems is a growing cybersecurity start-up.

Why did we establish SylLab Systems? We believe in solving difficult problems using innovation. Cybersecurity in the 21st century is like an open book that is being rewritten and edited by corporate organizations, industry leaders and community contributors. We aim to open a new great chapter of this book by solving specific problem of cryptographic key management. Ongoing threats of hacks, data breaches, and rising value of digital assets have created technical problems on unprecedented scale. The existing cybersecurity architecture is struggling to meet challenges of the more connected world. There is a long journey ahead of the industry to prevent data attacks and protect digital assets, and SylLab System strives to be part of that journey. We are dedicated to implementing the new technology of cryptographic key management and further develop cross-industry applications.



Cryptographic key management is a critical challenge, mainly due to the increasing ownership and dispersion of digital assets and growing presence of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in our daily lives. Both digital assets and IoT smart devices are often at risk of hacking, and the current cybersecurity infrastructure is not keeping pace with the threats being posed. SylLab system is a new key management system which creates a safe and user-manageable ecosystem. The system uses proven cryptographic algorithms, and the new SylLab system which is designed to manage digital assets and key infrastructure. Next step of our technology development will aim at providing the solution for secure systems infrastructure for the in automotive, medical, and finance industries as well as cloud service providers.

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