About us

SylLab Systems is an innovative company in cybersecurity.

The journey has started with a initial research and documentation in late 2018. SylLab Systems was established in San Francisco, CA to commercialize the technology in 2019. The company was founded by cryptography and privacy enthusiasts.

SylLab Systems, Inc. is venture-backed by Center for Innovative Technology and Mach37 Fall 19′ Alumni. The company is part of Avanta Studio, a corporate VC of CSAA Insurance, based in Mountain View, CA.

We strive to provide a service for companies with privacy and security embedded in their systems that consumers use every day, and we get there with cryptography. SylLab is on the mission to change economics of a data breach making it unfeasible for the attackers. Consumers and regulators are demanding from enterprises greater security and privacy of their data. Consumers will gain control over their data, and the idea of a massive data breach will become outdated.

Bart Slowik

Founder and CEO

Bart Slowik, technologist and entrepreneur. Started his first privacy-tech company at age of 22 from his college bedroom building a prototype of a first air-gapped data bank as a service. Bartosz worked at Thomson Reuters in Customer Access Management, and a consultancy focused on growing companies from 0 to 1. Built and recruited technical and project teams for VC- backed start-ups. Bartosz speaks Polish, English, Russian and Mandarin Chinese, and lived and worked on three continents. Holds a Bachelor’s Degree from San Francisco State University, and professional certificate from MIT in Cybersecurity.  Enjoys playing chess, and hiking.    

Ramses is a Mathematician with hands-on experience in Applied Cryptography. He earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Swansea University in the United Kingdom. In his research area, he focuses on algebraic topology and algebraic geometry which are fundamental for Lattice-based cryptography. Since 2016 Ramses has been working at a research institute in Barcelona, Spain. He has led numerous projects focused on the early adoption and implementation of quantum-resistant technologies.